Hold you tight, because the news is one of those that make you jumping on the chair. From yesterday there are many ‘rumors’ about Audi’s possible entry into the world of Formula 1. At the moment there are only rumors, but this news was quickly confirmed by Adrian Newey which would be the engineer of the team, while Stefano Domenicali (starting to work at Audi since November 1) would be the team manager. The drivers? Simply Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber.

The technical director of the Red Bull team said that in 2008, Volkswagen had pushed for the establishment of 4-cylinder turbocharged engine to facilitate entry into the circus of Formula 1 for factories as Porsche and Audi even .
“They said they entered Formula 1 if there was an engine like that, and that’s why wewere all agreed about that,” is how he talked about it the “father” of the Red Bull triumph in last four years up until 2013. Following the decision by the German company not to enter F1, it was decided to abandon the idea of the four-cylinder for the remainder of the current V6.


A rendering about the future Audi Formule 1.

If Ingolstadt will be part of the Formula 1 grid, of course, they will leave programs for endurance races and DTM, the German touring car championship. If the World Endurance Championship is not overall a great loss, despite 13 wins over the last 15 years, given the amount of manufacturers that take into account the track for next year, in DTM the situation will be very different. The German Touring Car Championship will find himself once again having to deploy only two houses car (Mercedes and BMW) as it happened a few years ago. Audi is also a prestigious name for DTM.

To strengthen the hypothesis of an Audi team in Formula 1, which as we said there are “rumors” starting since 2008, there would of course also the signing of Stefano Domenicali, which will become operational in the German company with effect from November 1 next. Having spent the last six years as team manager of la Scuderia Ferrari, Audi would receive a great help to be able to get into Formula 1. Some rumours talk about Fernando Alonso as possible first driver in the team: Spanish would take a sabbatical year in 2015, for comin’ back for 2016 in a great team. To keep in practice during this time, the “Prince of Asturias” might work for a year in the World Endurance Championship (as it did this year MarkWebber with Porsche) to help Audi to develop a suitable engine for the single seat that would be driving in the circus in 2016. The technical director would be the ‘magician’ Adrian Newey, that has confirmed the rumors about this incredible comin’ back (in the roaring 30s  Auto Union was in Formule 1) and the second driver would be Mark Webber, that Alonso likes as his team mate.

As a business partner of the brand with the four rings there would be Red Bull, already involved in the sponsorship of the cars competing in the DTM. For now, they are just rumors and they are not yet confirmed by Audi. The only certainties are the words of Newey about it: it should be a big step for a Formula 1 in crisis in this time, with Marussia and Caterham that refuse to be on edge in GP USA and Brazil for big money problems. There are some some rumors’ too about the fact that Fernando Alonso would have meanwhile already acquired a 25 per cent team McLaren from the boss Ron Dennis. But this one is another story, of course …

(Rendering by

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